Welcome to The Road Ahead Cafe

Roadside Self-care for Solopreneurs

The Road Ahead Cafe Community

We’re so glad you’re here. Where else will you find people just like you, all traveling on the same road?

It has been said that through the support and sharing of a community, you can achieve results in your life that simply cannot be achieved on your own.

Here at TRAC (The Road Ahead Cafe), we'll share with you what we use as solopreneurs, in our own lives to keep us on track without burning out.

But the reality is, no matter how amazing we find any approach, we know that you are an individual. To see if what works for us, can work for you in your real life, with your personality, situation, and conditions, you need to "roadtest" it and come back to the community and "workshop" it with other Members till you get your own personalized best possible practice.

Our Approach: Your life is like a road trip!

Yeah. Your life is like a road trip. When your ADS automated driving system (brain) gets obsessed with worries, it disconnects from the inner guidance streaming from your GPS global positioning system navigation (non-conscious mind) and suddenly the journey gets rocky: anxiety, guilt, frustration, depression, anger...well, you know better than us.

It's not your ADS's fault. That's just the way it happened to get 'calibrated' (wired, conditioned) over the course of your life.

So we'll share with you our approaches, how we each recalibrate our automated driving system ('Otto' for short) and so level up every aspect of our daily life as we cruise down the road ahead.

If you choose, begin with one simple process: Mindful Pathfinding

To make it easy for us (and we are all about using the least effort to get the best outcome) Peter's set out how he uses his simple process of Mindful Pathfinding in one brief session. If it feels good to you, take it home, roadtest it and then bring back your results and we'll throw it on the bench and workshop it. Roadtest, Workshop, Repeat until you get your own best individualized approach to suit your unique personality, situation, and conditions.

And don't worry if you feel Mindful Pathfinding is not for you. Frank will share how he uses Kaizen and Rick will share how he uses the power of connection. And each Member here will share how they use these or other strategies to level up their daily life, avoid burnout and stay on track to success.

You've never experienced this approach before!

We are not your teachers.

There are no lessons. 

There are just folk, like you, sharing how they are leveling up their life.

We learn from each other through support and sharing. 

You are vital to our success because no one has your experience, and because we all learn from the roadtesting and workshopping you participate in.  


The advantage of being part of the right community is that: 

It's gonna work for you!

Community helps us keep going when the going gets rough. 

Community helps us stay on track. 

Community helps us workshop our practices, by sharing with each other what's working for us, and how we each overcame shared challenges.

As a community we travel the same road together though we are each unique individuals with unique situations and conditions.

We support each other and we learn from each other as we share - not advice - but stories, experiences and ideas.

You are not alone

You are not alone in battling burnout. So many others also suffer from it. It happens, in part, because of how much you give without thinking about what you need.

This community that you are exploring represents a first step in developing best practices to help all who are fighting the same fight as you and you are a part of that mission

The changes that you are going to see in your life, will encourage others who need what you have, to join us in this community, this project, with their own amazing contributions.

A few things that we do to turbocharge the power of community... 

  • We offer a twelve month journey, each month has a challenge that helps us focus on leveling up a different aspect of our life (relationships, health, career, financial security) so that over the course of a year, each of those areas that are important to us receive attention.
  • We offer weekly quests that reach beyond the monthly focuses. And we provide daily prompts to help us get more of these quests.
  • And none of this adds any "to-do" items to our already overloaded schedule. We do what we like, how we like. Members interpret and act on the challenges and quests in whatever way works for us, often discussing it with other Members.
  • We launch a new quest each Monday, touch base with each other Wednesday, and share a debrief on Friday, but as Members we can connect and converse with each other any day of the week, any time that is convenient.
  • We connect and converse with each other through Threaded Conversations (think Facebook posts and replies, but without trolls!)
  • We connect and converse with each other one-on-one, or in small groups for  deeper discussions using Direct Messaging. 
  • This is a community with a culture of connecting, caring, and sharing.
  • And connection is made all the more convenient because you can do all this from your phone using the Mighty Networks app!

Are you ready for an incredible road trip?

We've laid out an extraordinary roadmap for a transformative year ahead, but in the truest spirit of road trips, it will be shaped by, and evolve from, your contribution; what you, and the folk you bring along, find most exciting, and most useful,

Just like you, we are solopreneurs always looking for the best possible practices to level up all aspects of our daily life. 

We are honored that you are joining us and we are incredibly excited to see what happens as we travel together on the road ahead.

Rick, Frank & Peter