Welcome to The Road Ahead Cafe

Your 5-Minute Effortless Rx For Stress!

Life is a Road Trip.

Your goals are your destinations.

Are you enjoying the journey? 

Or is each stretch of road filled with stress as you fight the traffic and road conditions all the way to your next destination? 

Imagine yourself with less stress.

Imagine getting up in the morning, going through your typical day, but... being able to turn down your stress, hear the music of the day, and cruise effortlessly down the road ahead.

You can give that gift to yourself.

Rick, Frank, and Peter welcome you to The Road Ahead Cafe.

Our job is to make the things you have to do each day flow 1% better.

We're always here at The Road Ahead Cafe (TRAC) serving you up a different helping of stress self-care.

 Refuel your spirit. Retool your mindset. And be back on the road in just 5 minutes.

Nourish yourself on 

Gratitude - Grounding - Inner Guidance

Fill yourself with

Purpose & Passion - Mindfulness In the Moment

Refresh yourself with

Loving Kindness - Affirmations

Anywhere, anytime, any day of the week, gift yourself the stress self-care you need. It will let you do more and be more.

Feel the difference, every day of the week, that a 5-minute pit stop at TRAC can make.

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Come on in!