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Your daily self-care pit stop to turn down the stress and turn up the flow and fulfillment!

(Photo: TRAC Members at "Road Trip 2021")

Life is a Road Trip.

If you're not enjoying the journey between  destinations (goals) that has to change! 

But you don't need to search for ways to make that change, or to work hard at it, or even to leave your comfort zone! 

Just feed yourself on the spirit nourishing content curated from all over the Internet that we've prepared for you here.

Turn down your daily stress and turn up the flow and fulfillment in your day.

Check out the daily servings on our Effortless Change Menu.

Served Fresh Every Monday

When your brain is feeling overwhelmed but you still have to be present and handle whatever comes your way take just 5 minutes to refuel and retool with a Clarifying Meditation like...

Served Fresh Every Tuesday

Get coached by the world's leading authorities on the simple but powerful things you can do to level up the flow and fulfillment in your journey. Watch a brief TED Talk video like...


Served Fresh Every Wednesday

Take one minute to pause and reflect. Sometimes all it takes is a poster with a few well chosen words to level up your whole day like...


New Every Thursday

Twenty minute life strategy sharing podcast. Three different perspectives to level up flow and fulfillment in your day like...

New Every Friday

TRAC Magazine: Eight different articles with extraordinary wisdom from today's Thought Leaders brought to every week, like...

  • Meredith Dietz: How 'Negative Visualization' can make you more positive

  • Zoe Chance: Influence is your Super Power 

  • Enda Harte: Journaling & Self Reflection

  • Bill Murphy Jr.: 4 Second Rule to be more persuasive

A buffet of AI curated well-being articles that may provide you with the insights you need to level up the flow and fulfillment in your day! 

All accessible right on your smart phone through THE MIGHTY NETWORKS app!

At The Road Ahead Cafe, we're all about effortless change.

And everyone helps everyone find their personal best path. 

We all road test what interests us to make sure it works for us in our life.

So we invite you to road test The Road Ahead Cafe itself for two full weeks as our guest.

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