Welcome to The Road Ahead Cafe

Roadside self-care pit stop for Solopreneurs to refuel and retool!!

The Road Ahead Cafe

Always open, always as close as your smart phone!

Life is like a road trip

but sometimes it can feel like

the world's craziest endurance race

And as solopreneurs, pedal to the metal,

 we are always taking care of 

everyone and everything else

and don't always find time to

take care of ourselves.

The Road Ahead Cafe

is our absolutely essential roadside pit stop.

  You can't go as far 

if you don't fuel the car!

Welcome to TRAC! 

Here's our Self-care Menu

Time is often a challenge, so the key is to just begin small. 
Once a day, Monday to Friday,  just click on the app and select what works for you from an easy-to-choose buffet of hearty meals or light snacks:  

Only have a few minutes? 

Select one of these 3 brief refueling options!

Served every day of the week: 

Option #1 - "The Latest"

Sample our flavors. Scroll through and taste test the various offerings.

Everything that's come in since your last visit, displayed in a format of your choice so you can see if anything interests you and be sure not to miss out on anything.

Option #2 - "Spark Questions"

Grab a healthy 'to-go' snack that you can munch on all day

If you choose, each month we focus on leveling up a different aspect of our life: relationships, health, finances, work, play...

And each week of the month we have a "Spark Question" that helps keep us on track Monday through Friday. 

The Spark Questions don't require much effort on our part. All we do is look to see if, and how, our "non-conscious self" arranges it so that effortlessly, we find ourselves reflecting upon how our actions and choices during the day are impacting our best life.

Option #3 - "Clarity Meditation"

Try our Monday Special palate refresher 

Just the thing to clear our mind. Great anytime of day when we feel a little overwhelmed, or blocked, or worse, yet we still have to be there and perform, take care of business.

Members road test this week's 5 minute meditation, and if it doesn't quite work for us, no worries, there'll be a different one next Monday.


But, maybe your challenge is: 

"I can't find a block of uninterrupted time to get focused work done!"

 May we suggest penciling in a visit to 

TRAC's virtual Coffee House 

TRAC Coffee House Girl on Mac in coffee shop.png

Early Risers Special: Tues. 8:00 - 9:00 am 

Kickstart Your Workday


Great way to begin your Tuesday morning. We get one hour of undistracted, uninterrupted time to get some real work done, whether it is writing emails, making calls, working on a project, being creative.

Some folk escape to a physical Coffee House and do their work there. We've created an online virtual Coffee House right  here on TRAC.

Join host Rick Gabrielly in a Zoom gathering where we do our own thing, but in the same 'room' as others. Sounds, looks, and feels like a Coffee House!

Expresso Delivery: Thurs. 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Turbocharge Your Afternoon


Great way to ensure your Thursday afternoon will be productive. Another opportunity to get one hour of undistracted, uninterrupted time to get some real work done, whether it is writing emails, making calls, working on a project, being creative. 

Or come solo anytime, click on the Coffee House sounds back ground and get to work!


Got some time between appointments? About to scroll through social media?

Consider something more nutritious to read

Tuesday Special: BEST LIFE BLOG 

(Cost: <10 minutes)
Currently featuring delightful and nutritious serving of surprising weekly insights from Eric Barker. Scientifically stress-testing the maxims we've all been told about life, success, relationships, Barker provides his readers with proven pragmatic paths forward. 


Taking 15 minutes for a coffee break? 

Sit back, get refreshed, and just watch

Tuesday Special: TED TALK VIDEO

(Cost: <15 minutes)

Grab a dish of pragmatic genius! The world's leading authorities delivering paradigm changing insights in under 15 minutes.


Short on time?

Try an hors d'oeuvre to reflect


(Cost: <5 minutes)

Light but nutritious like an hors d'oevre. Sometimes all it takes is a picture and a few well chosen words to ignite a spark within us. 

We post on the Cafe's virtual wall a different maxim each Wednesday.


Looking for a new book to level up your life?

Consider a succinct summary so that you can confidently choose what to read

Wednesday Special: BOOKS UNCOVERED

(Cost: 5 + minutes)

Currently featuring a taste of a different book from the folks at Headway each Wednesday. 

Takes us less than 5 minutes to read the tease and figure out if we want to commit more time to this book.


Commuting? Grabbing some lunch?

Relax and empower yourself with just a listen 

Thursday Special: TRAC PODCAST

(Cost ~20 minutes)

A 3 course meal featuring your TRAC hosts sharing 

3 unique (and at times controversial) perspectives on a vast variety of well-being topics each Thursday.

All designed to level up our day.


Can't decide what to consume? 

Try our TRAC MAGAZINE, a smorgasbord of AI curated well-being internet articles

Enjoy some now, take the rest home with you for the weekend to read

Friday Special: TRAC MAGAZINE

(Cost: ~5 minutes/article)

Come back as often as needed to get the full benefit of these AI curated well-being/best life articles! 

Read some, save some for a lazy hour on Sunday. 

We never know when we'll read something 

that changes everything!


Take anything home with you and road test it in your life.

Then get on TRAC share your experience and workshop with other members how to make it work even better for you!


Love to read books but can't find the time!

Once a Month - Reading Buddies

(Cost: ~45 minutes) 

Join us in a Group Zoom 

We get together, choose a background music selection from The Reading Nook, put on our personal virtual background, mute our mics, read for 30 minutes and then come back together to chat about what we are reading for 15 minutes.


Every offering at TRAC is designed to organically improve your daily life while requiring as little effort from you as possible!

All accessible right on your smart phone through THE MIGHTY NETWORKS app!

At The Road Ahead Cafe, every one helps everyone find their personal best path. 

We all road test what interests us to make sure it works for us in our life.

So we invite you to road test The Road Ahead Cafe itself for two full weeks as our guest.

Click on the plan below and

find out for yourself

how getting on TRAC 

will help you stay on track!

Questions? Ask Rick, Frank, or Peter.

[email protected]    

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