Welcome to The Road Ahead Cafe

Roadside wellbeing pit stop for Solopreneurs to refuel and retool!

The Road Ahead Cafe

Life is like a road trip but sometimes it can feel like a road race

And as solopreneurs, pedal to the medal, we aren't always mindful of our own selfcare needs.

The Road Ahead Cafe our absolutely essential roadside pit stop to refuel and retool along side fellow solopreneurs. 

It's how we schedule time for our well-being!

Here's some of what we do when we get on TRAC (The Road Ahead Cafe)...


(Overcome Obstacles)

When the reactions of our conditioned brain block the 'flow' in our day, we draw upon the shared experiences of fellow members to help us get back on track.



(Focused Work)

A virtual Coffee House where we come to get some focused work done with Coffee House background ambience, and without distractions. We drop in solo anytime, or meet in a scheduled group Zoom session.




(Monthly Challenges & Weekly Quests)

Here's where those of us who have chosen to level up our well being in daily life by taking on monthly Life Change Challenges, or weekly Turbocharger Quests gather to strategize and workshop our adventures.



(Inner Work practices)

We come here for five minutes or longer to dive into an Inner Work practice. We store our go-to practice here for ourself and others. We meet in scheduled group Zoom sessions, touch base with others, and then do our own thing (meditation, yoga, creative visualization, journaling, etc).



(A.I. Curated Wellbeing Articles)

This is where we spend our down time instead of scrolling through mindless social media. Updated weekly, the latest wellbeing stories, posts, articles from all over the internet, gathered into one place for your convenience. TRAC's wellbeing alternative to doomscrolling.


All this and more!

Accessible right on your smart phone through THE MIGHTY NETWORKS app!

Schedule your Wellbeing Commitment today.

Are you scheduling time for your wellbeing? We hope you'll let what we're doing inspire you to get your own wellbeing back on track!

Questions? Ask Rick, Frank, or Peter.

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