Welcome to The Road Ahead Cafe

Got stress? Get TRAC!

Life is meant to be like a Road Trip.

Does it feel like that to you? Are you enjoying the ride?

Or has it become more like a "Fast & Furious" endless road race? 

Your frazzled brain needs a pit stop!

Pull over for just five minutes and stop into The Road Ahead Cafe (TRAC). 

Your 5-Minute Effortless Rx For Stress. 

Your stress comes from your conditioned brain (your Automated Driving System/ADS) being disconnected from the guidance of your better informed non-conscious mind (your GPS).

A single serving of guided meditation can reconnect your ADS to your GPS and restore 'Flow & Fulfillment' back into your day.

You just pull off the road and in five minutes you are ready to return to engage the traffic of your day with less effort and more passion.

We (Frank, Peter, and Rick) are your hosts here at The Road Ahead Cafe (TRAC). It is our pleasure to offer you a warm welcome and our full support on your daily journey.

Our job is to make your willingness to take care of your self as effortless as possible. 

One 5-minute serving will restore your feeling of Flow & Fulfillment. 

Regular daily visits, over time, will provide mental, emotional, spiritual nourishment that retools your mindset so you can face whatever happens in your day with more confidence and less stress.

The core of our service is to provide you with a differently themed 5-minute meditation for each day of the week.

Purpose & Passion

Remind yourself what it's all about; what your vision is; why you're doing it all.

 Inner Guidance

Reconnect to your better informed intuition and find your north star.

Self Affirmation 

Reaffirm your value as 'better than good-enough,' as worthy of love and respect, as a person whose voice and actions matter.

Grounding Your Self

 Keep yourself grounded even in the middle of chaos.


Remind yourself of the amazing success you've already achieved, of all the good things you already have in your life, and of all the kind things others do for you.


Notice what's going on around you, enjoy what you're experiencing this moment, help yourself easily return from worrying about the future to engaging what's happening now. 

Loving Kindness

When you wish your loved ones well, you feel more connected to them. 

When you wish your opponents well, you experience more clarity. 

When you wish yourself well, you treat yourself more kindly...and you need and deserve that.

Let us refresh your spirit as you retool your mindset. 

We'll help you turn down the stress so you can turn up the day's Flow and Fulfillment.

Come on in 

and sit down for five minutes! 

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